• Sensors repair or Replacement
  • New Openers / Motors
  • Programing Keypads and Remotes
  • New Opener Installations / Repair
  • Replacement and adjusting motors
  • Installation and repairs of keypads
  • 90 Day warranty on all products and services

And Much More ….


If you are working on a budget and are looking to save on costs, then employing the services of Seattle Garage Door Repair can drastically help you to keep within budget how? When you start looking for a new garage door opener, you are most likely going to have to spend time and effort going through scores of websites browsing through them to find that ideal garage door opener.
You might even decide to take a drive down to the local home depot to see what is readily available in your area. And still, after all that running around you might not be 100% sure of the garage door opener you have settled upon. What if you buy the wrong one? There are so many questions that may be racing through your head as you go through each and every one of the openers of garage door you are seeing.
But what if we could tell you there was a simpler way to go around it all? What if we told you there was a place where you could go and have all your fears allayed? What if we told you there was a team of experts at hand ready to resolve your garage door issues in a while? On top of that, what if we told you we could probably do it within your budget!
It all sounds too good to be true correct? Well, that’s why we are considered the best in the Seattle. Call us today or come on over and we will be sure to show you just what we mean.